RegToRace Refund Policy

Purchases made through are governed by our Terms of Use and any other terms specified on this Web Site.

Completed orders are final once payment is submitted and accepted.

Refunds Policies

Are subject to each event or organization. RegToRace is not responsible to enforce or uphold the policies of the event or organization.

Events and services offered by event organizers are not the responsibility of

All confirmed and approved orders are final.

Services and merchandise received from event organizers are solely between you and the organizer. Any separate charges or obligations you incur in your dealings with event organizers are your responsibility.

All Refunds

Refunds are processed with the consent of the race director and only when funds (including the refund fee) are available.

Any refunds initiated by the Race Director incure a Refund Fee of $1.

Canceled Events

RegToRace is not responsible for canceled events. Refunds for canceled events will be handled by the responsible organization. All funds for the event are held by the organization and are not reserved by RegToRace.

In the event of a canceled event, RegToRace is to be notified by the organization immediately to prevent any new registrations from being created by closing the event and placing a notification on the Event Page.

Registrants should expect a notification, as soon as possible, using the RegToRace Email Blast system or through another email system of their choosing. RegToRace will facilitate with sending notifications by providing instructions on using the Email Blast system or by providing a list of names, email addresses and amounts for registered confirmations.

If you are an organization and need to cancel event, please contact us at so we can assist you in the process.

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