The principals of AA Sports, Carol Atherton (President) and Jon Atherton (VP Operations), have been in the race management business since 1988. AA Sports presently owns, times and/or manages over 90 events, primarily in the Pacific Northwest, serving more than 100,000 endurance sports athletes annually.

Paper entry forms and countless hours of data input led AA Sports into the world of online registration in 1994. At the time, AA Sports was one of two such companies in the U.S. offering the convenience of registration by credit card through a secure online website. As the company grew and the number of events swelled, AA Sports decided to outsource their registration system. Fast forward twenty years... RegToRace was born out of the need to provide customizable solutions for AA Sports' clients, along with a quick and easy means of completing the online registration process for the athletes they serve.

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PCI Compliance, what is it?

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